Phillip White,
Director of PDT Media

Welcome to PDT Media!

We are dedicated to using the powerful medium of television to report good news. In a world that seems full of bad news that makes for a refreshing change!
Having participated in pioneering the UK’s first Christian cable TV station over 25 years ago we have a wealth of experience in the realm of video, TV and media.

If God is doing something in your organisation that is worthy of reporting, what better way is there than to capture it on video.


Sheila White,
PDT Media Partner

Our purpose is to provide professional and diverse solutions to video assignments and projects around the world. Whilst offering a vast cross-section of multi-media support, PDTM has created a large catalogue of photos that we want to make freely available to you. Just click here.

Our new Shop Page contains some DVDs and CDs we have produced. We are excited to make available for the first time in the UK a range of materials by Elisabeth Elliot. All product costs include UK shipping.

We are non-denominational and work with all Christian organisations that adhere to the truth of the Bible. We also work with non-Christian organisations so long as they do not conflict with our faith.