PDT Media is a full time Christian service to the Body of Christ. It provides professional filming, editing and copying of DVDs and CDs. It operates as a self-employed business but does not charge normal business rates and in some cases works free of charge.

However, following the scriptural principle of “a labourer is worthy of his wages” (1 Timothy 5:18) it works to the framework below or you can download the latest price list in printable format by clicking here:


For full day seminars, evening meetings, conferences, inset days, weddings and editing of all these:

Labour per day (per camera) (filming and/or editing) £150
Hire of equipment per day (used by PDTM) £100
HD supplement per day £200
Labour per evening (say 3 hours) £60

All types of productions are carefully edited to include opening, closing, superimposing of titles, scripture references etc. Some productions need more editing than others. Estimated time will be given before proceeding with the job.
For documentaries, ministry promotions, drama productions there is no fixed rate. Quotations will be given on request. Some of this work would be done free of charge and donations received.


In all cases, travel expenses are charged at 50p per mile.
If overnight stay is needed this will be charged if provision is not made by customer. Catering – we would expect meals to be provided if appropriate.

Copying of DVDs

PDT Media provides a copying facility and reserves the right to hold the master and copy all material produced by itself.

DVD copy with plastic sleeve 2.50
DVD copy in single plastic case 2.80
DVD copy in plastic case with colour insert 3.00

Cost of design for DVD surface and colour insert  £50.
If multiple disc cases are needed the cost will increase.

For CD copying the cost is reduced by £1 in each case.

Cost of Videotape to DVD transfer – £7 per tape (VHS, SVHS or MiniDV)

Please note that these charges constitute a basic framework only and each request will be assessed and negotiated according to individual circumstances. We look forward to serving you and furthering your ministry. Any commercial work will be charged at a higher rate.