Glory of the Home

In March this year we braved the snow to film the Above Rubies Ladies’ Retreat near Reading UK. Nancy Campbell’s theme was The Glory of the Home. It was a refreshing change to hear Biblical truths boldly expounded which are now so contrary to the world’s way of thinking.  The home should be the heart of family life. God has called women to be “homemakers” but the world has tried to get them out of the home, doing other things. Nancy calls us back to the home to make it a place of glory where the children can be safe and content. There is some thorough Bible study on the Hebrew meanings of various words connected with house and home. Activities in the home such as mealtimes, prayer, worship, decoration and fellowship are given their rightful place. The home is a dwelling place, a resting place both for ourselves and for the Lord. There is nowhere we would rather be!   A set of 6 CDs or DVDs is available for purchase through our website Shop page. The sixth disk contains several testimonies from ladies on various aspects of their lives in the home. Here is the first session in full to get you interested!

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