God’s Divine Order

Family is the first institution God created.  If the family is strong the nation will be strong and mothers in particular have tremendous power to determine our nation’s destiny. Nancy Campbell, founder Above Rubies, teaches women how to be empowered in their role as woman, wife and mother. Watch a clip from our recording of “Affirming who you are as a Woman”. When a BBC interviewer claimed that feminism had empowered women Nancy said, “Yes but it has also brought about the destruction of marriage and the fragmentation of families”. He had no reply. Nowadays most people accept without question that women are equal to men but the Bible says they are different and each has a distinct role to play. Let’s not be deceived by the “wisdom of the world”.  Sadly the church has been infiltrated by women’s lib and feminist movements, humanist ideologies which have nothing to do with the Bible. The saying used to be “Behind every great man is a woman” but these days men seem to be disappearing fast and women are taking their place. So long as we follow God’s divine order, society will function smoothly but if we depart from it, chaos and family breakdown will follow.

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