Jesus sets captives free!

Good News Report from Yvonne Grace in Ozamis, Philippines

God is doing amazing things in prisons!
Jesus came to set the captives free!

“Some said it thundered in that jail house. 18 men came to Jesus Christ! As the team leader called out to all the men who were in cells, they put their hands out to answer the salvation call! I was invited to speak and sing praises to the Lord, then afterward I gave sometime to the women in prison. The Warden allowed us to go and I shared the love of God in His presence. Some of the women were openly crying and I remembered some from last year. The goodness of God touched me and I was able to sing like never before. The mercy of God was the fragrance in this jail house and many of these prisoners are saved already by the weekly teams which come to share the Gospel .We laid hands on many who were bound with fear.We shared the mighty battle plan of worship and I will never forget the stillness of these folks as I sang He is Lord.
Yes, Jesus is Lord.”

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