End Times DVD set by Peter Hindley


Interpretations on what biblical scholars commonly call “The End Times” vary widely.  This is a collection of 16 short teachings on 2 DVDs with a total running time of 3.28 hours. It follows the scriptures with a balanced and mostly literal view. It is not intended to be definitive but rather to encourage the viewers to search the scriptures for themselves in order to discover more.

Peter Hindley is an ordained minister through the Lutheran church and The Lord’s Pentecostal Church in Ghana. He served as a pastor in the UK for 26 years and also ran an extensive ministry into Germany. He and his wife Tricia ran a House of Prayer in the UK for 18 years.  They have a burden from the Lord to awaken and prepare the Body of Christ to become the Bride of Christ in anticipation of Jesus’ return.

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