Growing Up Spiritually Addenda – DVD set by Patty Hedgecock Ross


At the 2016 SOLM UK Conference Patty Hedgecock Ross conducted a series of 4 x 60 minute early morning sessions which complement Joseph’s teaching. Patty Hedgecock Ross is the adopted daughter of Joseph and Shirley Hedgecock and has been the editor of all Joseph’s books.  She shares some of her personal testimony and talks frankly about some of her own challenges with humour and humility.  She compares the Tree of Life with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil using graphic illustrations to explain how we operate and how we can be deceived.  She deals with the sin of making judgements and gives practical advice on how to walk in the Spirit and interact with family members. All scripture references are taken from the King James Bible. Patty currently resides in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with her husband Aaron.

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