The story of God’s Glory – Unveiled through Israel and the Church


Dr. Adesola Akala traces the biblical relationship between Israel and the Church through the lens of God’s glory. This study will delight those who desire to go deeper into the eternal plans and purposes of God.

This set of CDs was recorded at a Conference hosted by the Shekinah Legacy on September 9th and 10th 2016 at Elim Church, Newhaven, East Sussex.


Definitions of the Hebrew and Greek words for glory are examined. The Glory through biblical history is followed from the Garden of Eden through to Abraham and God’s covenant relationship with him, Moses and the Sinai Covenant, the Tabernacle with the Ark and consequent development of the divine presence and relationship, then Solomon’s Temple. The departure of the glory from Israel and its prophesied return is mentioned. God’s glory then reappears through the Messiah’s life on earth and His unique position as the Son of God. Next the Church becomes the living Temple and embodiment of God’s glory. Finally the glory connection between Israel and the church is seen through passages from Romans and Revelation.

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