Sowing the Seed in Lockdown

During this time of lockdown we are informed that internet usage and video services such as YouTube have doubled and some Google searches have gone up by 200 to 300%. This is good news for us as we have seen rises in the viewing numbers of many of the programmes on our YouTube channel. In addition to that, our local church began producing weekly mini services which are broadcast via YouTube to numbers which far exceed those who would have attended the building.
Believe it or not, a significant number of people in many church congregations do not have internet access and so have relied on DVDs or CDs to keep them connected. We recently received this report from someone we produced a Bible series for a few years ago:
“Mr S. who lives in West Sussex has just finished watching my ‘Bible Alive!’ 10 DVD set for the FOURTH time! I’m not sure where he got the set from – maybe from an Exhibition I held some time ago”.
When we make programmes and put them on YouTube or send out DVDs we don’t often hear feedback but when we do it’s a great encouragement. We can look at numbers on the YouTube record but we just cannot calculate what impact the Word of God contained in those programmes may have had on individuals.
In case you are interested in the Bible Alive! series, here is an example
We praise and thank the Lord for the invention of television and internet and continue with the vision God gave us to use this technology for His purposes and the propagation of the gospel!

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