Teach others also

Part of our vision is to “teach others also”, what the Lord has taught us, as Paul says to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2v2. Last Thursday we had the pleasure and privilege of visiting a home school group near Chippenham for the day.  We were asked to go along and teach their seniors how to make videos – a lot to do in one day! We decided to teach them how a news programme is made.  In four hours we managed to put together a 6 minute report on the Birth of Jesus. All ten children played their part: some reporting, others on sound and camera.  They learnt some basic principles of filming, sound, lighting, scripting, editing and what amazing things you can do with a green screen and autocue.  We hope they were inspired to use this powerful medium for the gospel and the Kingdom. You can see the finished product on our You Tube channel. Of course it’s not quite up to the same standard as our other clips but it shows what can be done by a group of novices in a short space of time with a little help! Well done ACESpace West!

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