Technology Advances

Technology has come a long way since the days when we started out as ‘Mission Recordings’.  Thirty years ago when a missionary wanted a video made of their work it meant travelling to where they were with heavy equipment and following them around for a few days. The script had to be written and the material edited back home with more cumbersome equipment. Some weeks or months later the finished product would be copied onto VHS tape and sent to those interested. We did this for several missionaries in various parts of the world. Phillip has visited over 30 countries. Nowadays no matter where in the world the missionary is, everything can be done from the comfort of our own home using a Smartphone, photographs and a computer with internet. What is more, the picture quality is a good deal better than anything we could do back then! We recently made this short video clip for our church’s missionary in Cambodia as she and her family faced a termite disaster.   This involved Sarah filming herself and her home on an Smartphone and sending us all the separate clips via an internet file-sharing service. We then downloaded them onto a computer and edited them into a meaningful story with the addition of some music. The result has been used to give all her supporters an up-to-date graphic description of what has happened with a view to gaining more prayer and financial support.   So praise God for all the technology advances of computers, internet, Smartphones, YouTube and much more! Let’s keep using them for His purposes and His glory!IMG_7150

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