Virtual Reality

Modern technology can be used for good or bad purposes. It used to be said “the camera never lies” and a picture would serve as accurate documentary evidence of an event or person but things have changed in recent years. We can no longer trust any image we see to be a true representation of reality. At PDT Media we have found green screening (or Chroma key) is a useful way of superimposing your subject onto a virtual background and so creating a more interesting and relevant composite picture. You do need a large area of green though. The one you see in this picture can be folded up and packed into a circular hoop. We also have Chroma curtains which we use for some scenes. Green is used because it does not contain any skin tone and provides the best contrast. When editing you have to isolate one area from the rest. Blue can also be used but green is better but you must warn your subject not to wear green. Any clothing that matches the background too closely will also key out, punching a hole in your subject’s body, or making him invisible altogether. In the use of the green screen we seek to enhance the basic image in order to communicate more effectively to the viewer the message we are bringing. So when David is talking about Jerusalem we can transport him to that location and thereby bring to life what he is saying.
Green screen use
Green screen use (2)

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