You Shall Be My Witnesses

Some Christians took to the streets on a dry but chilly Saturday morning last weekend to share the message of God’s love and to proclaim their faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Around 150 people from all the churches of the town, young and old, joined in the march.  During the procession there were two pauses to re-enact significant events that took place as Jesus made His way to Calvary. .  Drama is such a powerful way of communicating the message: it was done very effectively.  The people watching could not fail to be moved by this faithful re-enactment of the Gospel account. It’s not very often that traffic is held up and roads blocked off so that people can walk along them! The police were very helpful in guiding and protecting the crowd. Most of the drivers, although inconvenienced for a while, were patient and co-operative. The crowd gathered at the podium in the market square to hear scripture readings and sing songs. Wouldn’t it be great if this happened in a town near you next year?! Why not start planning for it now?  Here in the UK we have the freedom to publicly proclaim our faith. Christians in many countries do not have that freedom. Let’s make the most of it!  Easter March

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