Bible Alive! Olive Tree Symbolism

The Bible is not a dead book; it is ALIVE and full of symbolism but unless we know something of its history, culture and language we cannot understand it and we miss so many gems. It was no accident that Jesus’ last hours with His disciples were spent in the Garden of Gethsemane surrounded by olive trees. It was no coincidence that Jesus prayed until He sweat drops of blood in the place which name means “olive press”. In this short presentation Rev David Crowther reveals the manifold symbolism of the Olive tree. Did you know there are five “presses” of olive oil and each one has a different use? David describes these five presses and links each one to a different aspect of Jesus. He is the anointed one, the healer, our nourisher, the light of the world and our cleanser. What happens to the olive clearly reflects these aspects of His nature. After watching this teaching olive oil will never be the same again! This reflection is one of ten in the Bible Alive! DVD set which is available through PDT MEDIA.

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