Jesus – the Just Judge

In the Book of Revelation we see Jesus in three main roles: King of Kings, Bridegroom and Just Judge. While the first two may be familiar to us, the last one is perhaps not so. One aspect of Biblical teaching that is sadly lacking in the church these days is Judgment. The word conjures up all manner of thoughts that we would rather not think. Images of anger, wrath, hellfire, punishment etc. come to mind. Surely these are not compatible with the New Testament view of a loving, merciful and forgiving God?   In this short teaching Peter Hindley gives us a biblically balanced and thoroughly sound view of Jesus as the Just Judge. If we have a correct understanding of judgment we can begin to celebrate and welcome His coming as Judge. For a believer judgement is not something to be feared or avoided.  He is coming to judge evil and put an end to it, bringing in His rule of justice and righteousness. This is definitely Good News and something we can look forward to! This is part three of the series “Three Revelations of Jesus” and can be found here  To see the others go to our You Tube channel.

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