Christians Against Poverty

Nobody wants to be poor but poverty seems to be a rising problem in the UK. An organisation called CAP is doing something practical about it with amazing results! CAP was founded in 1996 and is making a tremendous impact on people across the country. Dozens of families go debt free each week.  A local centre was recently set up in Highworth, Wiltshire and we interviewed the new manager, Kathryn Ford, to find out more.  You can watch the seven minute interview at this link:

CAP offers its services completely free of charge and receives no government funding. People are visited in their homes and CAP takes over all responsibility for their debts and works with them to become debt free. Debt causes stress, depression, health problems, domestic strife and all sorts of other issues: it can destroy lives.  The organisation is founded on prayer and run by committed Christians but the service is for anyone and there is no pressure to convert or go to church.  Jesus came to preach good news to the poor and that is certainly what these people are doing.  Check out their website, get involved, support them, and recommend them to others. It’s a worthwhile cause!

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