Tanri’nin Egemenliginin Mujdesi!

No this isn’t bad typing – it’s ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’ in Turkish!

Recently we were asked to do something we had never done before – dub some programmes into Turkish! It was a rush job and had to be done in time for a conference that was held last week in Turkey. One miracle was that we still had the original files on computer – usually we dispose of these when the programmes are made as they take up so much space! All the translation was done and we were sent first the graphics in Turkish and then the audio files. We only had one day to complete it! With the Lord’s help and dedicated team work from all involved it was done in time to send off to reach the people going to Turkey. So now Turkish people can receive Roy Godwin’s teaching on the Gospel of the Kingdom, Ministry of Priests and Pray like this …  in their native language! What a privilege to be involved in this project which is furthering the Kingdom of God across the world. We thank The Lord for calling us, providing the equipment and skills and enabling us to do it. This may be the start of more programmes being dubbed into more languages. People need to hear the gospel and good Bible teaching in their own language so that they can fully understand it.  “First the gospel must be preached to all nations and then the end will come” Matthew 24:14

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