Old Wine is the Best

From time to time we come across archive material that has been forgotten by most people but turns out to contain valuable gems that hold a timeless quality. This is certainly true of the audio and video recordings of Elisabeth Elliot that recently came into our hands.  Elisabeth, who passed into glory in June 2015, was a prolific Christian author and speaker. She is best known for her book Through Gates of Splendor which recounts the story of her first husband, Jim Elliot and his companions who were killed in 1956 while attempting to make missionary contact with the Auca tribe of Ecuador. At the time the event made news headlines around the world. Elisabeth was left with a 10 month old daughter, Valerie. Soon afterwards she spent two years as a missionary to that same tribe and a door was opened for the gospel.  Her testimony and teaching on sacrifice, purity, obedience, and Biblical family life stand the test of time.  Now for the first time in the UK Elisabeth’s teaching is available on DVD and CD. Titles such as Passion and Purity, The Gift of Singleness, The Dating Mess, The Obedient Child will both uplift you and challenge you to the core. If you are looking for sound biblical teaching on holiness and family life you need look no further. Take a look at the Shop page of our website for details of all that is available.

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