Marriage Made in Heaven?

Do you have a marriage made in heaven? Do you believe God brought you together? When people marry they may think so but a few years down the line things may be very different. It is a sad fact that in 2010 42% of marriages ended in divorce and surprisingly there is as much divorce inside the church as there is outside. One of Satan’s major lines of attack is Christian marriage because he knows it is so powerful and right at the heart of family life. Marriage is a holy covenant between one man and one woman to love and be faithful to each other for life. It is clear therefore that divorce is not God’s will. The Bible tells us that God allows divorce because of the hardness of man’s heart “but from the beginning it was not so” (Matthew 19:8). It is definitely something we would want to avoid; it causes much heartache and upheaval and affects other family members, particularly children. Good marriages don’t just happen. We have to work at them. At PDT Media we have several CD and DVD teachings on marriage which will serve to encourage, strengthen and inspire you. Rather than wait till you get into difficulties, choose to protect your marriage now by listening to these materials together!  “What God has joined together, let not man separate.” Check out our Shop page to find out more!


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