The Bible in Stones and Statues

You may think stones and statues are boring and of no interest but don’t dismiss them too quickly.  Some years ago we filmed a lecture series based on the various objects and artefacts to be found in the British Museum which have a Biblical significance. Whether you are interested in archaeology or not, you will find it fascinating. The presenter, Rev Dennis Peterson is extremely knowledgeable and full of life and enthusiasm. He aims to show that archaeology supports the claims, the historicity and the validity of the Bible. You will be surprised at what can be found in the British Museum! This is a nine part series was produced in 1999 for Christian Life Bible College in Bath, UK. Subjects include Ancient Mesopotamia and the book of Genesis, Egypt and the Exodus, the rise and fall of Assyria, the Babylonians and Medes.  Parts 7 to 9 are a tour of the museum and reference is made to the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Good News is that in every case, archaeology confirms the Bible and the Bible supports archaeological finds! You can find the whole series on our You Tube channel at

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