Video book

Dernier Publishing

Our latest venture has been to produce a video book. It was a great pleasure to work with Janet Wilson, director of Dernier Publishing together with Denise Hayward, the author of Deepest Darkness, on her adventure story set in Canada written for 8 – 11 year olds. We spent a day filming and recording Denise reading the whole book and then a few more days editing and producing the video. You can see a short clip of it here: We believe this will be a blessing to children who find reading difficult. God has such a variety of ways for us to communicate and the medium of video, using both sound and vision is particularly effective. We were also able to produce an audio book on three CDs. All the books Dernier publishes are excellent, fun relevant fiction to encourage and inspire 8-16 year olds in their faith. Take a look at their website

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