When Was Jesus Really Born?

Most of us know that 25th December is not the real date of Jesus’ birth. “What does it matter?” some may say. Well if it were your birthday you would want to celebrate it on the right day wouldn’t you?  David Hamshire has just published a book entitled “When Was Jesus Really Born?” Although it’s not vital to our salvation, this subject is fascinating nonetheless. In these days more Christians are becoming interested in their Jewish roots and we are increasingly seeing the relevance and richness of the Biblical feasts. This book presents overwhelming evidence that the Day of Atonement could be the day when Jesus was really born. After all, when you think about it, what more appropriate time for He who saves us from our sin (not just atones for it) to enter the world! A recent interview with David gives you a taste of what the book has to offer. See it on our You Tube channel or latest video portfolio update at: http://youtu.be/vMwtGoA33O8. Perhaps we shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas after all!

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