A Future for Iraqi Christians

We recently produced this DVD for the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME). They are one of the few Christian charities helping refugees on the ground in Iraq, Jordan and Kurdistan. Little or no help comes from Western governments. There used to be 1.5 million Christians in Iraq. Now there are less than 200,000. FRRME is working towards an Iraq where Christians and other minority faiths can live safely. This DVD tells and shows you more about the situation. The people need our help and support. Please go to the link below on the FRRME website.


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How to live stress-free in a stress-filled world

Do you think it’s possible to live a life without stress? In this world it’s becoming increasingly difficult. According to The Mental Health Foundation, anxiety and depression are now the most common mental disorders in UK. Millions of anti-depressants are being sold every day. The World Health Organisation says that by 2020 depression will be the number one health problem in the world after heart disease. Surely we are not meant to be living like this! Nancy Campbell teaches that it is because we have moved away from God’s way of living. She quotes Bible scriptures from both the Old and New Testament:  Jeremiah 6:16 says “Stand in the ways and see and ask for the old paths where the good way is and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls.” That is God’s plan for us but sadly the scripture goes on to say, “But they said, ‘we will not walk in it’.” Why would people not want to choose God’s way? God has provided a way for us to live in rest but people want to take their own way. Similarly Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Here is an excerpt from Nancy’s teaching.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tAfk6YshRA  The full session is available for purchase via our website.

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The Bible in Stones and Statues

You may think stones and statues are boring and of no interest but don’t dismiss them too quickly.  Some years ago we filmed a lecture series based on the various objects and artefacts to be found in the British Museum which have a Biblical significance. Whether you are interested in archaeology or not, you will find it fascinating. The presenter, Rev Dennis Peterson is extremely knowledgeable and full of life and enthusiasm. He aims to show that archaeology supports the claims, the historicity and the validity of the Bible. You will be surprised at what can be found in the British Museum! This is a nine part series was produced in 1999 for Christian Life Bible College in Bath, UK. Subjects include Ancient Mesopotamia and the book of Genesis, Egypt and the Exodus, the rise and fall of Assyria, the Babylonians and Medes.  Parts 7 to 9 are a tour of the museum and reference is made to the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Good News is that in every case, archaeology confirms the Bible and the Bible supports archaeological finds! You can find the whole series on our You Tube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/PDTMEDIA

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Marriage Made in Heaven?

Do you have a marriage made in heaven? Do you believe God brought you together? When people marry they may think so but a few years down the line things may be very different. It is a sad fact that in 2010 42% of marriages ended in divorce and surprisingly there is as much divorce inside the church as there is outside. One of Satan’s major lines of attack is Christian marriage because he knows it is so powerful and right at the heart of family life. Marriage is a holy covenant between one man and one woman to love and be faithful to each other for life. It is clear therefore that divorce is not God’s will. The Bible tells us that God allows divorce because of the hardness of man’s heart “but from the beginning it was not so” (Matthew 19:8). It is definitely something we would want to avoid; it causes much heartache and upheaval and affects other family members, particularly children. Good marriages don’t just happen. We have to work at them. At PDT Media we have several CD and DVD teachings on marriage which will serve to encourage, strengthen and inspire you. Rather than wait till you get into difficulties, choose to protect your marriage now by listening to these materials together!  “What God has joined together, let not man separate.” Check out our Shop page http://www.pdtmedia.com/product-category/christian-marriage/ to find out more!


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Old Wine is the Best

From time to time we come across archive material that has been forgotten by most people but turns out to contain valuable gems that hold a timeless quality. This is certainly true of the audio and video recordings of Elisabeth Elliot that recently came into our hands.  Elisabeth, who passed into glory in June 2015, was a prolific Christian author and speaker. She is best known for her book Through Gates of Splendor which recounts the story of her first husband, Jim Elliot and his companions who were killed in 1956 while attempting to make missionary contact with the Auca tribe of Ecuador. At the time the event made news headlines around the world. Elisabeth was left with a 10 month old daughter, Valerie. Soon afterwards she spent two years as a missionary to that same tribe and a door was opened for the gospel.  Her testimony and teaching on sacrifice, purity, obedience, and Biblical family life stand the test of time.  Now for the first time in the UK Elisabeth’s teaching is available on DVD and CD. Titles such as Passion and Purity, The Gift of Singleness, The Dating Mess, The Obedient Child will both uplift you and challenge you to the core. If you are looking for sound biblical teaching on holiness and family life you need look no further. Take a look at the Shop page of our website for details of all that is available.

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A Heart for the Lost

As Christians we all know that God’s Plan of Salvation is for the whole world. However the early church did not realise this straightaway. Even after Jesus died and was resurrected they believed the gospel was only for the Jews. They did not obey Jesus’ command to “go into all the world and preach the gospel”. Salvation for the Gentiles began with God’s revelation to Peter through Cornelius (Acts 10). Then the “mystery kept secret since the world began” was revealed to Paul and became a key to world evangelisation. He said that the gospel was “for the Jew first and also for the Greek “(Gentile) (Romans 1:16). Both Jew and Gentile are included in God’s plan. He has broken down the division between them in order to reconcile them both to God in one body “so as to create in Himself one new man from the two” (Ephesians 2:15). Sadly some hinder this by trying to maintain a separation between Jew and Gentile. They believe God has finished with the Jews because they rejected Jesus and the Gentile church has replaced them. However Romans Chapters 9-11 clearly tell us God’s “gifts and calling are irrevocable”. God’s heart is for both. Israel is still part of God’s plan but “blindness in part has happened to them until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in”. Their rejection of the gospel caused it to be taken to the world. Now it is coming full circle back to the Jews and this time more and more of them are accepting Jesus as their Messiah. There are more Jewish believers today than ever before in history. In this talk given at the 2015 Feast of Tabernacles in London Clive Urquhart clearly explains how both Jews and Gentiles fit into God’s plan of salvation for the whole world and urges us to have a heart for the lost.

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Bible Alive! Olive Tree Symbolism

The Bible is not a dead book; it is ALIVE and full of symbolism but unless we know something of its history, culture and language we cannot understand it and we miss so many gems. It was no accident that Jesus’ last hours with His disciples were spent in the Garden of Gethsemane surrounded by olive trees. It was no coincidence that Jesus prayed until He sweat drops of blood in the place which name means “olive press”. In this short presentation https://youtu.be/4ZYT_tUytAg Rev David Crowther reveals the manifold symbolism of the Olive tree. Did you know there are five “presses” of olive oil and each one has a different use? David describes these five presses and links each one to a different aspect of Jesus. He is the anointed one, the healer, our nourisher, the light of the world and our cleanser. What happens to the olive clearly reflects these aspects of His nature. After watching this teaching olive oil will never be the same again! This reflection is one of ten in the Bible Alive! DVD set which is available through PDT MEDIA.

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Jesus – the Just Judge

In the Book of Revelation we see Jesus in three main roles: King of Kings, Bridegroom and Just Judge. While the first two may be familiar to us, the last one is perhaps not so. One aspect of Biblical teaching that is sadly lacking in the church these days is Judgment. The word conjures up all manner of thoughts that we would rather not think. Images of anger, wrath, hellfire, punishment etc. come to mind. Surely these are not compatible with the New Testament view of a loving, merciful and forgiving God?   In this short teaching Peter Hindley gives us a biblically balanced and thoroughly sound view of Jesus as the Just Judge. If we have a correct understanding of judgment we can begin to celebrate and welcome His coming as Judge. For a believer judgement is not something to be feared or avoided.  He is coming to judge evil and put an end to it, bringing in His rule of justice and righteousness. This is definitely Good News and something we can look forward to! This is part three of the series “Three Revelations of Jesus” and can be found here https://youtu.be/O_SyxiYC7tw  To see the others go to our You Tube channel.

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How Free Are You Today?

On Monday 15th June 2015 a group of Christians gathered in the Palace Yard Westminster to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, a document that was to revolutionise the world, bringing democracy, justice and freedom under God.  They were also there to express their concerns that these freedoms that have been passed down to us, often at great cost, are gradually being lost.  No longer are we free to say what we believe in public, to act according to our conscience or to stand for Bible truth.

In the days of the Bible judges “everyone did what was right in their own eyes”.  There was no moral standard. The nation of Israel had fallen into idolatry which inevitably led to rampant sin. There seem to be some parallels with our culture today.

Britain has many problems and blame is directed at many targets: the politicians, the education system, poverty, the media, the EU, but in fact there is only one problem and the answer is simple. The foundations of the nation are shaking because we have turned our backs on the God of our fathers and we are allowing the Biblical basis of our laws to be removed.

At the Magna Carta Rally people stood for marriage, for the sanctity of life, for the persecuted, for the poor because these are things that matter to the heart of God. People called our nation back to God and a return to Christian values.

Here is a short Report on the Magna Carta Rally. http://youtu.be/qkkjzcu-TKc  It will inspire you to stand, to pray and to act for the sake of our freedom and our nation.

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The Coming Kingdom and the Great Commission

Last October 2014 we filmed Thy Kingdom Come Conference at the Emmanuel Centre Westminster London organised by Chosen People Ministries.
They had a great line up of speakers: Dr Derek Tidball, Dr Craig Blasing, Dr Darrell Bock, Dr Calvin Smith, Dr Mitch Glaser and Mr Daniel Nessim. Each of them spoke on the Coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ in relation to a different Biblical aspect: The Lord’s Prayer, Biblical Interpretation, the Words of Jesus, the Hope of Israel, the Day of the Lord and the Great Commission.
Dr Mitch Glaser’s talk focussed on the Great Commission– our job description as disciples – what we are supposed to be doing until Jesus returns. If we lose our understanding of what is ahead, we are going to lose our zeal for preaching the gospel.
Matthew 28:18-20 “Jesus spoke to them saying ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’”
You can see this excerpt on our Video Portfolio page or via this link: http://youtu.be/I9mYA8RjuhM. Excerpts from all six talks can be viewed on the PDT Media You Tube channel. The full messages are available on DVD or CD from Chosen People Ministries at www.chosenpeople.org.uk

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